24 May 2010

Dumplings are terrific

Today was a fantastic Victoria Day in Toronto. The sun was shining and J's mom was visiting so we went down to Cherry Beach and well . . . got sunburned. Nonetheless, a good day was had by all.

Of course, sitting outside makes one hungry and today's plan was to partake in some Mother's Dumplings. Now we haven't been back since this joint moved out of the nasty little basement digs in had in downtown Chinatown so did not know what to expect from the move. However, the stage was set by the note on its web site: "We have moved to 421 Spadina Ave. No longer does our restaurant appear to be a hole in the wall. We hope you will like it." Well it's much bigger, much airier and generally much less grim.

Known as perhaps the best dumpling place in Toronto, they have a wide selection of boiled, steamed, and fried dumplings plus noodles, salads, and some other items but we remained focussed on the main event: dumplings. From the steamed category we tried the beef and chives; our boiled choice were chicken and mushroom; and the fried were pork and bak choi. I did not try the pork dumplings but since the plate of 10 got cleaned up, I assume they were delicious. I enjoyed the chicken immensely. The beef were good too. They are all made fresh so the wrappers are soft and easy to bite through, which I feel is particularly important as rubbery wrappers really can make the whole operation of eating very, very messy. Fillings were flavourful and of a nice texture. All were dipped in a dipping sauce of my own design as the table comes with a couple of kinds of hot sauce, soy sauce, vinegar, salt, pepper, etc so you can make your own sauce in a little saucer. Apologies for the grim photo. I have not mastered the art of taking inside photos with my new phone.

The meal was rounded out with a bean sprout salad, which essentially was flavoured like kim chi but without the cabbage, which is currently not on the best of terms with my stomach. I enjoyed the pickled spiciness of it all. They also make a remarkable green onion pancake, which is crispy and delicious, especially dipped in my bespoke sauce!

A good, relatively cheap option and open on public holidays!

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