04 October 2011


What do celebrities and food have in common?

I am sure something -- celebrity restaurants, films about food... whatever.

For the purpose of this post, they have NOTHING in common.... but ME!

This is a selection of the not fantastic pics of celebs that I took at TIFF this past year...

01 October 2011

Five Guys...

I had heard of Five Guys Burgers and Fries, but had never eaten there as there wasn't one anywhere near me.  But all that has changed.  There is a Five Guys in Scarborough by all of the home improvement stores, so on a blustery fall day, we decided to try it out.  

Who knew it was going to come double patty?  Apparently everyone but G and I.  It explains the price... but was a bit much to eat.  I had the cheeseburger (gooey cheese) with tomato, pickle, mayo, and grilled onions.  Yum.  Yum.  Yum.  It was really decent and unlike the Burger's Priest, was not overly wet (or greasy).  

Orders of fries are HUGE!  Gracious, I am not a fan of sharing these sorts of things, but could have easily shared an order of fries with G.  The cajun fries were FANTASTIC and reminiscent of the fries from the Diner in Norman, which I miss.  Really really good. 

Overall, it was totally decent.  A nice taste of the USA right here in the Big Smoke.  Wouldn't eat there all the time, but ever so often, it will be a nice treat!


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