28 July 2008

On the Road to Falcon Ridge.

G and I stopped and had some breakfast. At Roy Rogers.

Yes. Roy Rogers. On the New York State Thruway.

Sourdough Ham Egg & Cheese.


GREASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSY. But really good, actually. And the home fries? THE CAME IN A HOLSTER!!!

Tee hee. Too fun. And gross. And lovely. And delicious. And greasy.

The Two Worlds I Live In.

Falcon Ridge!

Man oh man.

Falcon Ridge. It's where G and I met. It was my first 'big' road trip by myself, on a whim, in 1999. It is where I met some great friends and watched them change. And it's always been where I have enjoyed some really nice food. So of course, first things first... let's look at the tastes of Falcon Ridge as eaten by me...

It was a different experience this year, as a lot of the old tyme-y places I loved weren't there. Myron's Yakitori where are youuuuuuuuuu????????? So I branched out...

First, I enjoyed a lovely meat gyro wrap from a Greek vendor.

It was light on the meat, but it was really lovely with a very fresh cucumber and tomato salad. There was feta cheese and a nice hot sauce. All in a pita that COMPLETELY fell apart when I started eating it. But the pita was fresh and really soft, so it was okay. I ate the WHOLE thing, and then ate some ice cream... there is no picture of the ice cream... sorry!

Probably my favorite find of the weekend (and most of the festival's, judging by the lines) was the crepe place...

Look at that cute sign.

My friend CC recommended the garlique chic, which was a garlic chicken crepe, and of course, I had to go for it!

YUM YUM YUM! So this was a lovely crepe filled with pesto, cheddar cheese, garlic chicken, roasted red peppers, carmelized onion, etc. (The etc. is because I think that's it, but I don't really remember...) The crepe was really well done. They aren't the fastest thing to make because the booth actually prepared the crepe as you ordered, but they put all the toppings together and then let it finish heating through once it was folded up on the hot plate. The crepe was a really nice addition to the festival.

So I had another one for breakfast!

This was egg, spinach, onions and cheese. It was supposed to come with pesto, but it was early and G and I both had to give it a thumbs down. The crepe, though, total thumbs up!

During the day on Saturday, I was relaxing in the shade over by the Workshop stage, waiting to listen to Guitar Gods and Goddesses on the stage. I was excited because Patty Larkin was there, and I love love love her, so I had my Bon Appetit magazine out on my lap, my giant jug of water next to me, and my delightful prescription sunglasses guiding the way. I decided the perfect thing to ruin this delightful mood was to get a pulled pork sandwich.

So yeah. The pulled pork. It wasn't cheap. It wasn't good. It had this funky gravy on it that smelled like dog. Sauerkraut that tasted like my stinky shoes. And the pork was good. Until about three bites in where there was some hard piece of something gross. And the sandwich was gone. In the trash. Thank you for coming.

For dinner, I had to make up for it, so despite my love of the Wildcat Wrap (and lack of having had one for the entire weekend), I went for the new Thai food stall. OH YEAH! GOOOOOD choice! For $9 USD you got a big styrofoam with a lovely helping of fried rice, pad thai, and the BIGGEST spiciest grilled chicken skewer ever.

Look at that... oh yeah. The red sauce at the bottom is the Red Rooster sauce, which was so freaking spicy... really lovely. It was so much food, I ended up giving some of the chicken to G. And she had her first Wildcat Wrap.

Tee hee. With my huge box of Thai food, I didn't even end up trying it! But it was good...

The last meal of our festival experience... a fiesta burrito from the vegetarian booth...

So yeah. Weird. The salsa had shredded carrots in it. It had egg, bizarre carrot salsa, cheese, black beans, and weird potatoes. The potatoes weren't bad, they were just really not fully cooked. The eggs were lovely, once I got there. The beans were a nice touch. And I was full afterwards...

Until we hit a massive storm on the drive home and I had to console myself with a double whopper with cheese at Burger King. My shame meant I couldn't take a picture of it, but my sense of whimsy means I have to post about it.

Just as a quick aside, the Festival was really a lot of fun. Besides the food, we enjoyed really fantastic music, a kicker of a storm on Saturday night, some fantastic conversation, time to sit in the sun, and just an all around good time. If you've never been, there's always next year.

23 July 2008

Just a Quickie...

G and I are in the middle of packing it all up... are we moving?  Breaking up?  Going our separate ways?  NOOOO!  We are heading off to the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival!!!  And before you think this is a good time to rob our place, we have friends staying over so too bad so sad for you!  

I am charging the camera as we speak and hope to have some excellent food news upon my return... The Festival always has really nice food.  AND we're stopping at Target on the way into town, baby, so it's gonna be roaming the aisles for treats... 

Pray for no rain, and I will see you guys when I return...

20 July 2008


This past week has been an interesting exercise. I am trying to eat less wheat due to the stomach issues, but we are also trying to clear out our freezer and eat some of the things that have been languishing far too long... like these lovely pierogies!

This was a great dinner! We ate the pierogies (which had a little freezer burn, but were otherwise delightful) after they were cooked with a little onion. We topped them with low-fat sour cream. On the side, we sauteed some really lovely and sweet local carrots and browned some turkey kielbasa. (Note that I am saying "we" but this was all G. I mean, I was in the house and offering moral support, but it was not shake-n-bake and I did not help.) I have become a hughe carrot fan, and these were specatacular. I think G just fried them in a little butter in the pan until they were soft and delicious. Oh yeah!

We also had a lovely dinner of fricadelles, sliced fresh tomatoes, marinated mushrooms, and zuchinni salad! Delightful!

The zuchinni salad is a family recipe of G's. You microwave the zuke until it is soft, and then you dice it up and add salt, vinegar, garlic, and oil, and let the whole thing marinate in the fridge. This zuke was ridiculously sweet. It was really very nice, though. The marinated mushrooms were from Cumbrae's, and really weren't all that great. I wouldn't buy them again (and I wouldn't recommend them.)

And the freezer is getting cleared slowly!

Nacho Breakfast.

I absolutely love Mexican food. I love corn tortillas, beef, chicken, beans, rice, guac, sour cream, chili, peppers, onions... you get the idea.

And what better mixing of life is there than Mexican brunch?

At the St. Lawrence Market the day before this meal, G and I had tasted some amazing black bean dip from a stall downstairs. (I can't remember the name, and we threw out the package. Something about Angry Mexicans or something???) We bought it, and were convinced that we needed to somehow incorporate it into some meal that day.

Brunch became breakfast chicken nachos with fried egg!

Oh yeah baby! This was a big whack of chips (from the St. Lawrence booth), chicken, tomatoes, black bean dip, lots of cheese, and a lovely fried egg on top. Such a great (and filling!) breakfast!!!


19 July 2008


Well, this is not food related. At all. But, I had a bit of a dilemma this week in trying to decide if I wanted to get an iPhone or an iTouch. I love my Ipod. Love it. Love it. Love it. 30 gig video, I've had it for a couple of years now, I just love it.

I have a cellphone. A not so great cellphone, but I hate cellphones. Hate them. Sure, in a pinch they are good, but I think in reality I have had a cellphone for less time than I have had my Ipod. G and I got a family plan, we have next to no minutes but can call each other unlimited, and I rarely use it otherwise. And I hate the idea of being 'connected' all the time.

But did I mention how much I love my iPod? I love having it to listen to when I go to bed at night, a nice audiobook streaming in the background, set to turn off after 20 minutes or so (I am currently listening to "Restaurant at the End of the World".) I love listening to podcasts while eating lunch, watching "Gourmet Diary of a Foodie" while taking a break, or watching "Girl in the Fireplace" for the millionth time while on a bumpy flight. With 30 gigs of space, I have it filled. Lots of music (my iPod's secondary function!) and lots and lots of video and audiobooks.

So the Touch came out. And I became touched. And I let it go. The the iPhone was coming out up here in good ol' Canada. And I became obsessed. But, and here's the confession. I didn't want the iPhone. I wanted the iTouch. And boy, people just don't get that! I don't want to have my iPod tied to my phone. I want a bigger iPod, with cool features, not a cool phone with some iPod capacity.

And now I have the iPod. Lots of space, and I am wifi'ed almost everywhere I go. So if I want it, I have it. My lovely Ianto has been my constant companion, providing me excellent sound for my current audiobook, comfie earbuds, a cool touchscreen, and access to my email and facebook on demand. And no one ever calls me on it or takes it away from it being just all mine. Is that weird?

Now, there's nothing to say that I am not going to find myself in a Rogers store buying an iPhone anytime soon, especially with this cheap dataplan on offer, it seems almost stupid not to lock into it now. But, I love my dear shiny skinny Ianto, and I don't care that everyone says "Why don't you just get an iPhone?" (Hence my blogging about it. G's brother asked me to explain why I went iPod and not iPhone on my blog so he could read my reasoning. As if there is reasoning behind this madness.)

15 July 2008

Hmmm. Hunh?

What does this crazy sign mean? It was posted in a park on Granville Island in Vancouver. Hunh?

It's Shabbat! It's chicken!

Or... it was Shabbat, and it was chicken. But since it likely all will be again, let's just leave it as is, okay?

We had Friday night at our house this past week, and it was lovely. G made the absolute most wonderful roast chicken I have ever eaten. Plus lots of lovely potatoes and carrots and peas. And challah, which I failed to photograph, and an ice cream cake that I also failed to photograph. So why post?

Because I did take a picture of THIS:


And yes, even THIS:

Yeah. It was good.

It was fun having everyone over. The kids raided my stash of Pez, I had to have a smackdown with my nephew over who was better Luke or Han. (Poor misguided child, he picked Luke, he just doesn't know any better...) They liked my Boba Fett, but couldn't understand why I would have a Pez of a "bad" guy. (Kids!)

Anyway, fun was had by all. I got to show off my Ipod Touch to much oohs and ahhhs and life was pretty enjoyable all the way around. Now, however, I have a cold and I feel like poo, so I came home from work, grabbed the laptop and a huge stack of magaines and went to bed.

13 July 2008

G's Birthday Dinner at Lee and at Home.

(I don't know why I failed to post this last week....)

G had a birthday last week, and as she had just returned from Calgary, we decided to go out to dinner on the actual day (and then made a trip to Lowe's because we are in the middle (tail end, now) of remodelling our bathroom), then had a family dinner on Friday night at our house.

At Lee's, we ordered some favorites, and some new things, and thoroughly enjoyed the dinner! The food there is amazing. Most amazing would still have to be the duck confit crepe...

I took my smaller camera, and I am not sure how to take photos in dim light with it, so excuse the photos... But back to the business at hand... the crepe... the crepe... the ducky crepe...

It's good. If you go, have this and the coleslaw, and you won't be disappointed. I for some reason do not have a photo of the coleslaw. But there's one from the last time we were there here.

G ordered a crab and corn soup that oddly came with a leek "donut"... which was really a leek pizza...

The donut/pizza was lovely!!! The soup was crazy crabby, but not mean-spirited. (ha ha)

We also ordered this nice assortment of satay..

It was good because it came with one beef, one chicken, one pork, and one shrimp. G doesn't eat pork and I don't like shrimp, I took the chicken she had the beef and we all lived happily ever after!

We also had the beef stew, which didn't photograph well but is really lovely and rich. I ordered the tofu because I loved it so much back in the day, but found this one wanting.

It just looks like a big whack of crap. It was not nice. I actually didn't even eat it after the first bite, and that almost never happens.

The waiter must have heard me comment that it was G's birthday, because they brought out this...

when they brought our desserts... Mine was a lovely banana cake. G's was not and there is no photo. Sorry.

Lee. Still pretty good. I loved the duck, loved the coleslaw, and I would love to try some of the other things there, but with two people your choices are pretty limited.

Poutine for your troubles.

When I moved to Canada, I was absolutely disgusted by the idea of poutine.

Poutine is french fries with beef gravy and cheese curds. I mean, blech. It sounds gross. Now, it's not the fries and gravy part. I am from Oklahoma, and a favorite snack there is fries and gravy, but it's a cream gravy. Delightful.

G loves poutine, and over the course of the last few years, I have really started to like it. And then, I discovered the poutine at the Hero Burger next to my office. The gravy is very rich, the curds are squeaky, and the fries are always solidly cooked and crispy. I love it.

Oh, you hate it now. But you'll love it someday. Everyone does.

Pork for One (or Memories of France).

When G and I were on our bike trip on France, we stopped at a little restaurant in a little town at the very end of lunch time. The owner at first said that he couldn't serve us, then that he could be we'd have to hurry hurry. Fine, fine, we'll hurry hurry... So we ordered and whatever we had ordered off the menu wasn't available, so out came two lunch specials. After about half an hour. Because we we're on French countryside hurry hurry time!

That lunch was probably one of the most memorable of my entire life. I was hot and sweaty from riding, and it was the long day and I was in a bit of a panic that I wouldn't be able to ride that far, etc. So the food came and it was like being transported to heaven!

The dish was a veal chop with a lardon and mushroom sauce. Oh my stars.

So I wanted to make it at home. But I really didn't think that it could be made without the lardons, so I have just sort of never made it. Until G had to take a trip to Calgary, and I had to stuff my face.

The Cumbrae's didn't have the "red" or "rose" veal, which is supposedly reared very humanely, so I opted for a bit fat pork loin chop. Got some smokey lardons, a fabulous bunch of mushrooms, and some beautiful mini Yukon gold potatoes. And then the dream became reality.

The pork is under the massive pile of mushroom sauce.

It was amazing. And far too much food. And it transported me back to France and made me really yearn to get out in the world again, it's been far too long since I've left this continent!

How did I recreate the masterpiece?

Well... pull up a chair... because it's a story not a recipe...

I put the potatoes in boiling water. Let them soften, then cut in half and mixed with my home-made butter (see below) and salt and pepper. Fine. During that whole process, I seared the pork loin chop in a hot pan with a butter and oil mix. I let it get good and brown, then I put it on a plate in an oven warmed to around 250 and then turned off.

I put a little bit of wine in the pan to deglaze and added the lardon, and then some shallot and mushrooms. I let it all cook together and then I added a teensy splash more wine, salt and pepper, a teensy spoonful of dijon mustard, and some cream. I let thicken a bit and then I put the pork back in the pan. I let it all cook together and then I turned it out on a plate...

It was absolutely delicious. It was an amazing lunch, and I really enjoyed it. I couldn't believe how amazing it was, and I am such a fan of lardon. And France. And pork. Oh yeah.

06 July 2008


Yeah, just call me little Miss Domestic. I made this lovely bowl of butter...this morning...before YOU were even out of bed...

Yep. That there bowl of pale yellow goodness was made by ME... and boy was it difficult.


That parts a bit of a lie.

While in Vancouver, I picked up Edible Vancouver magazine and read an article about making butter in a jar. I have wanted to try it, so I decided to do it early this morning because I couldn't sleep.

First, you take a jar with a secure lid. You put in 125ml of whipping cream (I used an organic whipping cream with 35% fat).

And then it begins. You start shaking. I am in the middle of watching the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so I put on episode 5 and started shaking.

It started feeling thicker. I set a timer for 15 minutes. At that point, I took off the lid and took a quick snap...


From there, the mixture got really thick, and I didn't know quite how it was going to turn into butter. (I am sure someone with a better science background, nay, ANY science background would know the answer to this... I shall check with my friend P.) ANYWAY, I kept shaking and then, before I knew it, I could feel the mixture get more liquidy again.

From there, it just became butter! Well, that was at the end of about 15 more minutes of shaking...

I separated the butter from the buttermilk, put it in bowls, mixed it with a little salt and spread it on a raisin scone. YUM!

The butter is very creamy, almost like a clotted cream. The flavour is just amazing. Light, rich, airy. But really silky. It's thick and nice, makes you want to keep eating it.

Now, the butter is wrapped and in the fridge, just waiting for me to eat more. I can't wait until G gets home and I will make more so she can try it... she'll love it...

I highly recommend this process. It's really fun and easy, and honestly, it takes no time at all.

(On an unrelated Buffy note, I loved Buffy back in the day. I confess I didn't watch the final season, I am not sure why. At Future Shop the other day I found all the Buffy seasons for $19 each. So I bought them. With G away his weekend, I decided to start watching season 1. I realized, I haven't seen them. I had always thought that I had, but I guess I came in on season 2, or something. Anyway, another instance of my being my own worse historian.)


I got home on Friday night after a quick trip to the mall after work and didn't want to monkey around with cooking and cleaning. Instead, I opted for a little delivery from Pizza Nova. I didn't want pizza, so I opted instead for a lasagna and caesar salad. Yep. Lasagna and salad.

It was okay. Not rocking my world fantastic, but it was good. The salad came without the dressing on it. I reckon that is to keep it from getting crazy soggy. But i tmakes it hard to mix.

The dressing they used, I forgot to check the packet, was so crazy garlicky. But pretty good. I ate most of it, and all in all, it was fairly tasty.

The lasagna was weirdly shaped, in a kind of triangular squares, with lots of layers of pasta and cheesey cheesey cheese and meat sauce.

It was pretty okay. I liked it, but it wasn't end of the world good. I probably would order it again in a pinch.

It probably didn't help that I had eaten some poutine at the mall (at New York Fries, disappointing because the fries were soggy) while I was trying to decide whether or not to buy an Ipod Touch.

Eating at the Soccer Field.

The idea of eating at most sporting events probably doesn't fill you with joy.

Well, that's not fair, is it? There's something to be said for sitting in a crowd of screaming folks, drinking a beer and eating a hot dog, or a poutine, or some other krap food.

But not when you go see the Toronto FC. Oh no sir! You see, soccer is civilized. And fun. And I love love love going to soccer games at BMO field, which doesn't have a bad seat in the house, but boasts some of the best park food going.

There's a pie vendor. Yes, you heard right, yes I said a pie booth. (That last sentence is supposed to have an 'On The Town', Frank Sinatra and Betty Garrett duet sort of sound to it.)

The words aren't so super clear maybe, but the name is The Yorktown Savoury Pie Company. And boy, that name doesn't lie. These pies are SAVOURY!

First, you get your pie. It comes in a little pouch. And you open the pouch, and VOILA!


I have had the steak and mushroom pie on two occasions, and G-d willing, I will have it a third. The innards of this pie are a thing of beauty. Big pieces of beef, whole mushrooms, rich sauce, and an amazingly flaky pastry.

Hold for the innard shot....

The pie rules. If you are checking out a Toronto FC game, (and you should be because it's good fun), really look around at the food. The pie booths are separate, but some of the vendors at the main concessions have some gems. The chip butty is a thing of white bread and french fry beauty. There are also curry fries and scotch eggs, which I haven't tried yet. It's fun. And I like park that can have fun with itself. Because fun is what it's all about!

Bello and Potbelly.

When I was a kid, my Mom gave me a "potbelly" bear. I think that was the brand. Not knowing that this bear was actual a foreshadowing of my own, future potbelliedness, I have always had Potbelly with me, hanging out in the homestead. I don't have kids of my own, but Bello seems to have developed a fondness for Potbelly. They cuddle. Awwwww. Sweet.

(If my friend from high school happens to read this, you may notice that your dad's sweater is hanging on the back of that chair... I still have it!!!)

Tiffin Me Timbers!

Always in the look-out for new gadgets or really, just new things, G and I had been on the hunt for tiffins. Why, you ask? WHY?! Because they are so dang cool, that's why! But what is a tiffin? Read here for a thorough history.

So as you can see, there are three compartments, and each one stacks on top of the other. You can keep all of your different foods separate, and they are sealed pretty tight. The two metal bands on the side lock and unlock to keep it all together.

I think my first exposure to a tiffin was during my first trip to Vancouver. There's an Indian food place at the Public Market in Granville Island that serves the lunch in tiffins. Ever since then, I've wanted one. I can't wait to use it, and will let you know how it goes...

05 July 2008


I love hamburgers.

No. You LIKE hamburgers. But me? I LOVE hamburgers. I love how despite the many different foods I have tried and loved, I always come back to the noble hamburger.

A few nights ago, I picked up the already made sirloin burgers from Cumbraes, and we had purchased some of the skinny buns that we have grown so fond of.

G cooked some mushrooms and onions (you can see them hiding under the tomato slice on the far side), and we used some of the specialty aged cheddar cheese that we got at the St. Lawrence Market (Alex Farms). And to top it off and make it wonderfully wonderful? Some lovely tomato chutney!

Ah. The Baxters Tomato Chutney. Sweet, slightly spicy, and amazing. It really adds some oomph to sandwiches.

This morning, I made a fried egg sandwich much like the hamburger... just flatter...

The buns don't look appetizing, but they totally are. They are like the President's Choice one, but they are actually smaller in diameter, which makes them far more appealing. We toast them under the broiler, and they turn out amazingly.


I have never been to Provence, but I am really taken by the food of that region. I had some of the best food I have ever had while in the Loire Valley in France, and I am so keen to go back again.

While in Vancouver, I picked up the Cooking School Provence book and fell in love.

As soon as I could, I made the Tomates Farcies recipe with Riz Pilaf. Lovely.

I modified the tomato recipe a little bit, and it was delicious! The tomatoes were very watery, though, and despite draining them, they really gave off a ton of water when baking. I was going for firm and less ripe, but I think I went too far on the less ripe side...

Anyway, thank goodness for this cookbook. I can't wait to keep making things from it. It's such a lovely book, with really amazing photos and ideas. It's one of the few cookbooks that I have seen in a long time that I thought that I would eat almost every recipe in the book!!!

Tomates Farcies
(modified from Cooking School Provence)

4 large, firm tomatoes
1 tbspn olive oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, minced
3 sprigs of curly leaf parsley
4 leaves of fresh basil
1 bay leaf
.5 pound of extra lean ground beef
1 medium egg

1. Cut a lid from the tomato. Scoop out the insides, and discard as much of the seeds you can but keep the innards. Sprinkle with salt and place upside down in a colander to let drain.

2. Preheat oven to 400C. Oil on gratin dish that is big enough for your tomatoes.

3. Cook the ground beef with lots of salt and pepper. Set aside. Add olive oil if necessary and brown the onion until softened. Add garlic, parsley, bay leaf, and basil. Stir. Add the reserved tomato. Cook for 5 minutes or so. Add the meat and cook for another 5 minutes or so. Remove from the heat to cool.

4. Discard the bay leaf. Whisk the egg lightly and add to the meat mixture. Season with salt and pepper.

5. Stuff the tomatoes, leaving some room at the top, and put them in the gratin dish.

6. Put the lids on and cover the pan in foil. Bake for one hour. Let cool.


When the Cat's Away...

G is on a business trip, so it's time for pork. We don't have pork in the house as a general rule because G is Jewish, but when she's away the cat plays with pork. Or something.

After my last failed attempt at making spaghetti carbonara, I vowed that I would make it again, but so far I haven't. Until now.

I was browsing through my cookbooks last night, and ran across Jamie Oliver's 'Classic Penne Carbonara' in Happy Days with the Naked Chef. It sounded very straightforward, but like it made way too much. So I went to the store and bought the ingredients, and decided that I would give it a try today. And I did.

And it was EXCELLENT!!!

Oh yeah. No scrambled egg, just smooth creamy sauce and tasty bacon.

The recipe is simple, and I do recommend it...

Classic Penne Carbonara
(adapted from Happy Days with the Naked Chef)

.5 pound dried penne
3 slices of streaky smoked bacon
2.5 egg yolks
3.5 tbspns whipped cream
2 oz grated parmesan
freshly ground pepper

Cook the penne until it's al dente. Cook the bacon slowly, draining the fat as you go. Stir the egg yolks, cream and half the cheese in a small bowl. When cooked, drain the pasta into a bowl. Stir in the bacon and cheese/egg mixture. Toss like sald. Add pepper and cheese.


01 July 2008

Happy Canada Day!!!

With Canada Day falling on a Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to do some work from home yesterday and not go into the office. Score! Four day weekends rule. Especially when they are on the tail end of a conference away. Canada Day rules. We celebrated Canada Day by continuing the remodel of our bathroom (!) and going to a Toronto FC soccer game. It's been soccer mania around here with the Euro Cup (what happened to my beloved England?!)

But on the Monday, while waiting for the cable guy and busily answering work emails, I decided to make myself some lunch. Wanting Kraft Dinner, but having none to hand, I decided to make some mac from scratch. with sausages

(I feel this photo is very Orangette. Go me.)

We had some all beef sausages in the freezer, and I thawed out two and put them sliced up under the broiler. I then threw the rest together, and had a thoroughly enjoyable lunch for one.

Quick and Easy Mac

1. Boil some gluten-free (or other) pasta until it's al dente.

2. Put the sausages sliced under the broiler.

3. Once the pasta is finished, drain lightly, and then put back in the pan. Mix in some milk and a medley of cheeses. I used an aged cheddar, parmesan, and monterey jack. Let the starch from the gf pasta thicken it. Enjoy!


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