16 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

On Valentine's Day, G and I decided that we would stay home and not share gifts. Now, if this were a movie, I would have come home and there would have been diamond jewelery sitting on the table. But no, this is real life, and when you decide to stay home and not share gifts, well, you pretty much get just that.

But before you cry me a river, don't. The reason for our frugality this year is that we are going on holiday next week for a few days, so why not save the money for our trip? See, Vader, we can be reasonable.

Staying at home doesn't have to mean the same old, though. Oh no. This year, we decided to have a cheese fondue 'do. (It does look a little '70's, but how can it not with that deluxe fondue pot?!)

Oh yeah. So first there was the bubbly from Jackson Triggs. If you have access to Ontario wines, I highly recommend most anything from Jackson Triggs. And if you are ever in Niagara-on-the-Lake, you should stop at the winery. It's really great. One of our current favorites is the Jackson Triggs Proprietor's Reserve 2005 Methode Cuve Close. Oh yeah. Pour me a few glasses.

For the main event, we had cheese fondue. I know I have spoken somewhat ad nauseum on my love for almost all things President's Choice, but the President also makes a mean fondue. And it's so easy. You open the package, you squeeze out the 'due, heat, and eat. Honestly. And it's as good as any I have ever had in a restaurant.

But you can't fondue with cheese alone. Oh no you can't! So I stopped at the store and bought some goods. As you see above, we had bread (of course), grape tomatoes, salami, pear, and mushrooms. It was good. We devoured the fondue, drank the bubbly, and promptly fell fast asleep at 11pm with "Murder She Wrote" in the background. Well, all of that is true except for the Murder She Wrote part, we don't even have a tv in the bedroom. Work all day and work the next day... it wears a girl out!

At the end of the day, it's not about gifts or cards or, heck, even fondue, it's about being with those you love. I hope you were with yours.

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That's so beautiful man...


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