01 February 2009

Raclette Times Two.

I don't know about you, but when I really like something, I tend to want to have it again and again. And I want to share it. And I usually want to share it with friends.

So of course, when our friends P and M from Ottawa said they were coming over, I knew the only appropriate dinner was going to be raclette... and so we borrowed the set from G's friend, and we had a spread of our own...

Up first... the table...

We decided to have shrimp, chicken and beef, with red peppers, zukes, spicy green olives, G's amazing homemade bruschetta mix, and lots of cheese... It was great...

Our friends brought a lovely Prosecco, so we tapped into that and started cooking.

To be honest, I didn't take photos of the cooking process because I figured it would be pretty similar to the last one. But let me tell you, having raclette is really really fun. It's very sociable, you just chat and eat and chat some more. We had a great conversation about the music of our youth and the state of the world. It was really too fun. If we had a bigger kitchen, we would totally own a raclette apparatus of our own.

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