02 October 2009

Tomato Day at Chez Hunger Over Thirst

G and I headed up to Coopers CSA to pick up our weekly CSA box and to show me the farm (I'd never been before). It was so nice, and such an amazing day!!!

And goats!

How cute are these freaking goats? They just walk around, stretching their legs and eating grass. They come around and let you pet them, and they are too incredibly sweet. When we got there, we decided to do a pick your own tomato thing. You got tons and tons of tomatoes for only $6, plus you get to pick yer own!

Here's me picking my own!

There were tons and tons of tomatoes...

I highly recommend the tomatoes. They were so terrific, but we had tomatoes coming out the wazoo-y! G promptly came home and made a batch of gazpacho while I devilled some eggs...

That was a great lunch! We had the eggs as a side dish, and really enjoyed the zingy taste of my devilling. The gazpacho was terrific. Really fresh tasting, zingy, and full of good for you texture.

The next day, my friend was coming for dinner so we decided to make an all tomato dinner. I had a panic at the last minute that perhaps R didn't like tomatoes! No fear, she did. We cooked up a mean dinner.

G made this Spanish Jewish delightful eggplant and tomato salad with fried potatoes thrown in the mix.

Wow. It may not look good, but it is absolutely unbelievable. The veg are all fried slightly and just dripping in flavour.

I made an amazing stuffed tomato from my French Cooking School Cookbook...

Here's the grub, with some of our Cooper's Farm corn (which is 100% awesome).

(We also had some more gazpacho, but I didn't include it because you can just scroll down to see it....)

This was a really enjoyable lunch. R brought a bottle of bubbly, which was very refreshing as it was actually still hot that day (unlike today where it was 9C at 2pm!). It matched the lightness of the meal perfectly.

Having farm tomatoes really has ruined having grocery store tomatoes for me. We've made an effort over the last few years to try and eat things in season, though we will buy tomatoes in the winter at the store when it makes sense. But it's amazing how different things taste when you pick it from the vine yourself and you know it's been grown with care and likely harvested by hand. These were harvested by my own hands, so I know it was all good!

The last of these tomatoes were used to make a great bolognese sauce and we really just enjoyed the heck out of all of these tomatoes. The CSA box has given us such a nice taste of Ontario's all too short summer.

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Dave said...

That all just looks incredible but the gazpacho looks particularly delicious. Well done. Good on you for doing all that cooking at home!


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