28 March 2010

Where have YOU Been?


Where have you been?!

The cat's nose is always in the kitchen, checking out what we're doing. And we have been doing, even though the blog has been quiet.

I feel like I am getting my food legs back again, after sometime of not really sure where I was going with it all. After starting Weight Watchers and beginning my running and everything, it was really difficult to talk about food. I have spent a lot of my food reading time reading about running instead, and I am gradually getting stronger. My goal for this year is to gradually (very gradually) continue to build my time and to try and run a half-marathon next year. I know. The physical therapist I am seeing to sort out my incredibly tight leg muscles thinks it will happen. I think it will happen. G thinks it will happen.

But slowly, my head is coming out of the sand and I am starting to get back into thinking about food.

For example... one of my new favorite post-run breakfasts...

Proper oatmeal with sauteed banana. OMG this is so delicious. The banana is sweet and hot and a little mushy with just the stodgy almost rice pudding texture of the oatmeal. It's fantastic, and some days on my "long" run (which is not really long compared to alot of people), it's the only thing I can think of! This was this morning's oatmeal, not after my run (which was yesterday), but before my 45 minute strength training episode.

But what WAS yesterday's post-run breakfast?

You will be so glad you asked...

Whole wheat tortillas filled with scrambled eggs, half a potato with a tiny bit of chorizo and sliced tomato with green onion. YUM! It was 7 points, I think, which totally worked because I had had a decent long run.

And after that delicious reinforcement, I went and cleaned out my closet. Filled two more bags with clothes that no longer fit (yeah! that's a total of 4 bags of clothes!!!!) and organized my closet shelves. I am pretty pleased with myself. I am working on getting more organized at home.

But alas, today has been full of crazy Passover prep (G is Jewish and we are hosting the first night of Pesach at our house tomorrow) and an unfortunate lunch trip to a shwarama place nearby that completely wrecked both of our stomachs. Something about the lunch was not good, and while it wasn't the most enjoyable food ever, I didn't think it would make me sick later. But sick we have been. So it's been a real joy frying 40 gefilte fish balls. Sweet!

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D said...

Wow wow wow. These food photos are fantastic! Magazine worthy! Youv'e been practicing. Hope your tummy is better for the weekend.


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