07 September 2010

More bounty

It is tomato time, there is not doubt! Went out over the weekend and picked a half a bushel of tomatoes including some beautiful yellow ones and sweet sweet grape tomatoes. Many of the heirloom tomatoes were already done but we did find a good selection of romas and they are the stars of this show! Monday was a holiday and what better way to spend it than making a whack of salsa. Here's the little red beauties readying for the oven for some roasting.

While the tomatoes were getting all delicious, I dry roasted some garlic on the comal. All dark and sweet.

And then roasted some serrano and poblano peppers.
There was lots of stuff to pull together - cilantro, veggies, salt, garlic, onion - and then it all got wazzed up in the blender. It's always a bit of a balancing act in our kitchen with limited counter space!

A couple of weeks ago, we acquired a Le Crueset dutch oven. Hadn't used it yet but needed a big pot to use for the canning of the salsa. So it got its maiden voyage. Here the jars are getting all clean.
After about four hours of all this action, about 16 jars of roasted tomato-serrano salsa stood proud.


Janine said...

Urgent question - what to do with a big bag of large beans (the purpley ones that go green) and a even bigger bag of cooking apples? both harvested recently and in need of attention! thanks!

gjc said...

Beans make great stew (very easy with a bit of meat and some tomatoes - don't cook the beans too long.) Also you can make an easy salad just steaming them and then dressing with a bit of lemon, oil, and garlic.

Apples . . . there's always pie : ) Also applesauce, which is great for the kids. If you get really fancy you can try making them apple popsicles, which are a bit more fun than straight applesauce. Also baked apples are a great dessert, especially with some fresh ice cream.

Enjoy the bounty


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