14 September 2011

Dinner Rules.

We've been attending TIFF so our dinner eating has been a bit sporadic at best.  We tried out the new food court, er, Urban Eatery, at the Eaton Centre last night.  Totally awesome set-up but I think G is going to cover that...

So tonight is a TIFF free night due to a scheduling conflict, so dinner was Chez Moi for the first time in a bit.  I wasn't sure what to make, but I came up with a BANG-UP dish that I totally, totally loved!

And there it is!!!  Pasta with some browned out of the skin italian sausage, with a diced tomato, peas, and some pasta water cooked for a bit.  Mix in the cooked pasta and top with lots of fresh parm reg and chow down.

I gav myself a heaping bowl full...

Really really really good.  Honestly, I have a whole tupperware of it in the fridge for tomorrow, and I could go in and eat it right this second.  Yay for me.

So try it, super easy and super good.  Dinnah is served.

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