07 April 2012

Fish and chips and mushy peas

It is without question the cheats version of this meal, but after a tiring day at the office, it was just what the doctor ordered!  Here, I baked PC Blue Menu Haddock fillets on a foil lined tray with a bit of cooking spray on the foil and a bit on the fish, at a high heat for 13 or so minutes.  I then flipped it over, sprayed a bit more spray and cooked for another 13 or so minutes.  CRISPY!  The fries are McCain's brand low-fat fries, which are delightful in the oven when cooked for a bit.  They get super crispy and make an awesome base for chili fries, if you are ever in the mood.  And some peas mushed up with a fork with half a wedge of laughing cow light for creaminess.

Delightful, fast, virtually no clean up, and decent on the WW points.  I think you could complain, but I am not listening for all the crunching!

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