28 April 2008

My Little Dumplin's.

Oh ho ho. Dumplings. Pot stickers. Just call them 'My Precious'...

We went to Mother's Dumplings in Chinatown for a lovely dumpling lunch.

The restaurant is cute. Small small small, but cozy and clean.
If you know me, you may know that when it comes to my meals, I enjoy having a variety, and since we had never eaten at Mother's, variety was on order.

However, it appears that there may have been a little too much variety! You can only order dumplings in minimum orders of 10, and it was just G and I, but we ordered a few different things to try anyway. When the waitress came to take our order card, she said, "No, this is too much!" We laughed and said we'd take it home if there were leftovers (and despite my best efforts, there were leftovers!!!)!

The table had these cute little sauce bottles. Gotta love it.

Our first dumpling to arrive was the boiled chicken and mushroom. Oh. My. Goodness. Oh. My. Goodness. Yeah.

Normally, I am not a huge fan of the boiled dumpling, but these were absolutely amazing. The wrapper was really tender and light, and the filling was just the right amount of chicken-y mushroomy flavoury yumminess. (or something).

We also ordered a Green Onion Pancake.

A hoy hoy, you sexy thing! Really oniony and crispy. The dough was solid, but not tough. Really a nice thing all on it's own.

We also ordered kim chee and potato salad.

The kim chee was frozen, and the potato was cold and spicy. Really tasty, but I wouldn't order them again. The waitress came over and told us our steamed rice was unavailable, but we wouldn't need it! (And she was right!!!)

Our next dumpling was the beef and green onion steamed dumpling.

These were probably the least favorite, but still really nice. The beef was a mince, which wasn't what I expected. In fairness, I don't now what I did expect, but I really did enjoy it.

Our final (!) dumpling was the pan fried pork dumplings. Now, pan fried are my favorite. And these really lived up to the reputation of the restaurant...

WOW. Pan fried indeed. These were absolutely delicious, but I think the boiled chicken were the ones I would come back for again and again. It was really an experience that I greatly enjoyed. I highly recommend it.

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