16 June 2010

This is not pizza

Tonight we went to a little shindig at the law society and afterwards just decided to grab a quick bite before heading home. There's a place on Yonge Street across from the Eaton Centre called the 3 Brewers (it's 3 Brasseurs in most of the French world where the restaurant chain has most of its outlets) that we had been thinking about going for a while. Since we were down there without any other solid plan, we gave it a go. There was a promise of something better than pizza.

It's called a flamm. This "tarte flambee" is better than a pizza, they claim, and from Alsace. Well who wouldn't want to try something billed as better than a pizza as pizza is already such a great thing. As the name would suggest, it is a brew pub so I ordered a half pint of their wheat beer, which was pretty good. It starts off with quite a sweet hit but then settles in. Never bitter though, which is important to me being the big beer drinker that I am. We also ordered a couple of flamms. J had a bacon, raclette, and onion one and I had smoked meat and gruyere topped with pickles (not cooked, I had to check).

Basically what ye olde flamm is is a thin oven baked flatbread, topped with a bit of cream (which you can barely see or taste) and then the cheese and other toppings. It's pretty crispy and tasty but I wouldn't go as far as to say it's better than pizza. I think it's more a something that would work cut up into squares and served as an appetizer rather than as the whole event. Not bad, not particularly ground breaking but we've tried a new place, which I always feel good about.

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