14 May 2011

Ah... Lavash Pizza At Last.

Years ago, before coming to Canada, I saw a cooking show where the person used lavash to make sandwiches.  I couldn't ever seem to find it.

Then, years later (or circa now), I started seeing WW bloggers talking about the awesomeness of lavash pizza because lavash is usually pretty low point.

Then even more recently, we moved and the local grocery store CARRIES LAVASH!  SCORE!  After grilled pizza (haven't read that post, it's down the line a bit), we had leftover fixin's so I made up some low point lavash pizza's on the pizza stone in the over.  And it was a total freaking hit!

See that huge pizza???  That is a SINGLE SERVING!  Now I dipped into my weekly points for some extra cheese lovin' but the whole thing was very very low point.  The lavash sheet is only FOUR POINTS!  FOUR!  FOUR!

You get the picture.

So it's been a meal twice this week and I really love it.  Go try it as I am sure you live somewhere cooler than I've ever lived (until now) and are able to get your hands on some lavash.

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