07 May 2011

BBQ Pizza.

Look at that beauty!  My first pizza on the bbq.  We made two and you can just see in the corner there the charcoal of the other pizza, but even burned, it was delish!

We bought a ready made pizza dough at the store this morning.  Brought it home, stretched it out into two pies.  Heated the grill to super duper hot and oiled one side of the pizza dough and plopped it on the grill.  Leave the lid open and let it cook for just a few minutes.  Don't do like I did and let it burn.  It sounds like a cool idea, I know, but it just doesn't taste nice.  And really, we get enough carcinogens from the fresh air we breathe.

After the dough seems done (just a couple of minutes), lightly oil the other side and flip her over.  TOP TOP TOP!  Sauce, cheese, veg, salami... it's YOUR pizza so make it your way.  Close the lid and let cook.  Again, notice I say COOK not BURN.  Do as I say, not as I did.

Take her off the grill after a couple of minutes, let it set and slice it up and eat it.  You will be in pizza lovin' heaven.

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