17 July 2013

Well that's just crazy.

It's a bit shameful, really, that we've let the blog sit.  Not because our thousands of readers are disappointed, but because it's really fun to do and I miss it!  Further, I have to say that I've stopped reading a lot of the blogs I used to read because they became all about book deals and fancy restaurants, which is great for them (and shows that I had good taste in food blogs).  But I really missed the fun home food mixed with trips to restaurants to try new things.  So I stopped reading and I stopped writing.  But like I said, I missed it.  

So without further ado.... a new post!

I worked from home today, which reminded me of one of the many things I like about myself... I am not afraid to cook just for me!  And in fact, when it's just me, I can make the miss-mash of things I most love. 

As I sat at the table, feeling the first pangs of hunger after a breakfast of leftover cold gluten free pizza (more on that in a minute), I started to have thoughts.  Ideas.  Concoctions.  And before I knew it, I was  whipping up a storm of good food!  And it looked like this...

Sadly for you, my photog skills have not changed in the slightest!  I have realized that I like food served in a bowl that you can eat with a fork.  The above, mac n cheese, spaghetti bolognese, etc.  It's probably my favourite thing.  

But back to that bowl of beauty!  Chorizo Hash with Scrambled Eggs and Sriracha Mayo!  I know!  Brilliantly delicious and super easy. 

I pierced one potato and cooked it in the microwave for a few minutes.  After it was done, I cut it into large-ish chunks and fried it for a bit in a skillet.  I then added some chopped chorizo (PC brand) and fried it up.  Once the potatoes were cooked through, I took the potato and chorizo mix and put it in a bowl.  I then scrambled two eggs and laid on top.  For the piece de resistance, I mixed some low-fat mayo with sriracha and drizzled dolloped it over the top.  It was really amazing.  And by really amazing, I do mean, really super-good-would-pay-to-eat-it-in-a-restaurant good. I started to say that it was meat free, but that's silly. 

I had some leftover sriracha mayo so my mind strayed to things that would be a natural pairing.  The answer was obvious.  HAMBURGERS!  I had one Udi gluten-free hamburger bun left in the freezer, so out it came along with x-lean ground beef.  

Lovely dinner with some bbq'ed corn on the cob.  Super good and well worth the time it took G to cook it on the bbq (hee hee).  

Seriously, there was no way I could stand the thought of turning our oven on during this heat.  The humidex was something like 113 F or something ridiculous.  I am sitting outside now, but there's a lovely breeze and it's not so blazingly awful.  

I like working from home.  We had to have some service repair on our house, so I needed to be here, but it also gave me time to charge my new solar charger and play with my cats.  Not so bad, really!

Oh, and the gluten-free pizza I mentioned above?  Wonderful, let me tell ya!  Udi's gluten-free pizza crust is amazing and I would eat it even if I were eating gluten (which I sometimes do).  For dinner recently, I used the crust, topped with pizza sauce, goat mozzarella (my absolute fave cow dairy sub), some chopped rotisserie chicken, and thinly sliced onion.  Plopped on the pizza stone in the oven and cooked to perfection.  Due to the aforementioned heat, I didn't want to turn on the oven to reheat the pizza (and I hate microwaved pizza), so despite my apprehension about cold gluten-free crust, it was DELICIOUS!

I really loved it and ate every bite.  Highly recommended.  So a pretty good food day.  I can't work from home full-time or I would weigh a thousand pounds.  

Anyway, it's good to be back!  

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Sid said...

I also missed the blog xxx


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