24 November 2013


Dear blog readers (or Mom and Gail), we have been on holiday in India.  And it was amazing.

The food was amazing. Every meal was amazing. Every morsel was something delicious and different. (And we did not suffer from Delhi Belly, so high fives all around.)

On our last day in India, we went to a restaurant called East Indies at the 8th Bastion Hotel in Kochi. Kochi is in Kerala and is tropical and fantastic. The food was amazing.  See for yourself:

We had to start with a trio of dosa.  So apparently the dosa we know and love from here in Toronto is most often served at breakfast in the great south of India.  But this little starter was fantastic!  There was shrimp, beef (water buffalo), and potato all on top of a dosa round.  

G ordered a mutton something.  Or lamb something.  I really don't remember, but it was really good (and not on it's side).  It was really rich and dark like a mole. It came with puttu, which is a steamed rice patty sort of thing.  It was very dense, and a bit heavy, but it actually held up well to the really rich and delicious sauce.

I ordered this little bit of heaven....

It was stuffed mushrooms and green chile with a saffron sauce, lemon rice and some salad-y thing that I didn't eat because it was too sharp.  I have to confess that the Indians eat a lot of their meat on the bone, which I just can't get behind.  However, I learned that if I was ever going to be vegetarian, I would be so in India. There are just so many wonderful veg dishes you can have, and prompted me to order this deliciousness.

It was really unusual, and I confess that I ate all of the sauce.

The Indians, they know their sauces.  All good all the time.

Anyway, I didn't take tons of food pics, I just was so busy taking pics of the Taj and such (ha ha)... but trust me when I say you can eat your way happily through India without getting sick.

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D said...

Everything looks so beautiful and delicious. Can't wait to experience it for myself someday. Indian food really is the holy grail for vegetarians.


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