13 December 2006

Chicken Fried Goodness.

So far, in Toronto, I have only found one place that has chicken fried steak. So tonight, we went to dinner at Shanghai Cowgirl which was just delightful.

G had the pierogies

And I had... the lovely chicken fried steak!!!

Now granted, this isn't the best picture. The gravy was almost hollandaise-y which was strange, but the crust was good and light and the meat was thin, though a bit too thin for my liking. G said that it wasn't as good as my Mom's, which is hand to the Bible true, but all the same, it hit the spot for the comfort food without the dishes

Downside? Diet Pepsi in the CAN instead of coke, but good service and good prices made this an all around good meal.

Yesterday was the McD's after a bad day at work... Let's check out the quarter pounder, shall we?

Yeah, it's all good. Anyway, plans to go home for the holiday's so the pics of the food should be all good all the time. Well, there will be plenty of them. I am not the best at taking photos of the food, yet, give me time...give me time.

Otherwise, hope this finds everyone well. I do recommend Shanghai Cowgirl for a fun relatively inexpensive meal. It's lots o' fun. And if you have pics of chicken fried steak (which isn't chicken, nor is it really steak in the sense of a rib eye, don't ask for it rare, you know?), send em on.

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