22 December 2006

Home for the Holidays

Well here we are, in sunny homeworld. It's good times, really.

For dinner tonight, my brother made an old family favorite that I haven't had since my grandmother used to make it when we'd visit on the weekends. What's it called? Hamburger Cobbler.

Now G was game, but she didn't swoon.

Here is the play by play...

Oooh. Browning meat.

But then... ASSEMBLY!!!!

Nothing says dinner like kraft singles. Honestly.

And biscuits. Now Mom told us that this recipe came from a 1950's company cookbook from the company where my Grandfather worked. It's a family thing, eating it tonight really reminded me of being a kid and sitting at my grandparents house and having dinner. It's such a rare thing for us to have, and it reminds me just how much food transports us to a memory. G was joking that, as we were out today, I kept telling her memories of things that were all food related. She thought that was odd, but really, food is one of the most present memories for me. Everything else is just... stuff.

BUT without futher ado, a few shots of the finished product...

Okay, having some connectivity issues, so I am going to stop here. Just to say, what is this beauty above? Well, first you brown ground beef. Then put in casserole pan. Top with cheese slices, kraft works best. Then top with sauce known only to a select few... a combo of tomato sauce, etc., and then top with biscuits of the cheap variety, bake. ENJOY!


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Christopher G said...

I am trying that hamburger cobbler!!


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