10 December 2006

Saturday Night Dinner

Last night, G and I took her mom and dad out to his favourite restaurant, Gameroni's, for dinner. This restaurant has no website, and a websearch yielded about twenty sites with the restaurants mussels in tomato sauce recipe. Alas, no pics of that, but, what can you do? It is amazing, we had it the last time we were there and it was great. BUT, last night...

I had the Veal Medaglioni. This was a veal chop covered (smothered?) in a mushroom cream sauce, served with some steamed veg and a little dollop of pasta. Here it is:

G had the Osso Buco (which makes me say, 'you like osso buco, charlie?' which she found only alightly amusing the first time, but very irritating the twentieth). She said it tasted like something your Nonna would make, however, since neither of us have a Nonna, we imagine that this is how it would taste. My southern grandma made the best chicken fried steak, and G's grandma, well, she could make a mean boiled chicken. Anyway, here is the osso buco...

Now, I have started to make some changes to the blog, as promised. I have recently made a change from my Dell Desktop to a Macbook, and am still in the process of learning the Mac and transferring bookmarks, etc, from the Dell. It will take me some time, but it will get there.

I hope that if anyone actually reads this food blog, you make comments and interact. And for those of you who I am linking to, I hope you don't mind. I read all your blogs regularly and love sharing this with you. Anyway, cheers!

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