20 January 2007

Long overdue update.

There have been some life issues going on in this here new year, so the delay is bad news, but soon remedied.

New Year's Day had me making my very first Beef Wellington. Whoa. That was not easy, but it was lots of fun. It was from the Gourmet cookbook and instead of using foie gras, it had a sort of walnut pesto covering over the meat. It was brilliant. Photos follow:

Pretty good looking, eh?

Here's the innard shot...

Messy to cut up, but quite delicious to eat. It was an all day affair, but I really enjoyed it. G said that the pastry I made was very light and flaky, which is the goal of pastry. Actually, it was crazily easy to make the pastry, I was shocked. Not sure I have ever really made it before.

Next post, recent trip to Toronto restaurant Cava.

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