20 January 2007

Senor Cuttlefish, to you.

Cava. What an experience. It was really fantastic. Lots pretty amazing food -- and one very scary cuttlefish. (As evidenced below:)

I have to confess, my aversion to all things that look in food as they looked in life caused me not to try this beauty, but Pauline and Michael seemed to enjoy it, and at the end of the day, he didn't die in vain. Sigh.

What did I try? Well if it had pork in it, I ate it! Here's the charcuterie platter that was amazing...

And a lovely plate of real Serrano ham:

It was really delicate and yet substantial. I enjoyed it with the little pieces of bread that came with the pate. I am going to see if I can get it at the St. Lawrence Market.

We had an amazingly meat quail...

And this wild mushroom corn tamale that really impressed the entire table. We wished we'd had two!

Of course, that isn't to say that we weren't painfully full. In addition to these things, we had sardines two ways, flank steak with some sort of mashed root, a lamb and lentil stew, and some lovely bubbly pinot noir. Bubbly pinot noir? Why here it is! (And I know it's on its side... I am still learning this beauty of a mac. Apologies for the craziness.)

And dessert!!!

Honestly, who can say what these things were? I was so full that I just remember eating...and eating... and eating... and then going home and collapsing!

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