02 January 2007

Much Ado About Updates!

It's been so long since I've posted... it's that post holiday, get home, go back to work, get caught up blues. BUT, I have lots of pics to add on.

While still in Tulsa, we did have our family Christmas Dinner. As usual, there were the usual suspects of carbs, potato (white), potato (sweet), stuffing (that's actually dressing), noodles... hang on. Noodles. My family has always eaten egg noodles cooked in chicken broth with holiday meals. Apparently, this is nto common. So of course... if you do the same... add pics, post comments, feel the love.

Anyway, here's the dinner as it was...

Ahhh... so sweet.

So the next day, we went out for some BBQ. The place we went to is a chain, called Smokey Bones or something. Anyway, while not the best bbq ever, it certainly was passable. I had the two meat combo. I chose Brisket and sausage. For my sides I picked french fries, baked beans and coleslaw. The coleslaw was grim. GRIM. It had these seedy things that tasted like carraway but I was told were not, and it was just all too... carraway-y. But the sausage was good, though not as good as Coach's. (For those of you who use blogger and a mac, please let me know how to make links. I am trying, it's just not working.) Anyway, it was good times...

What's funny is they have all these different sauces in syrup bottles with no labels or anything. It's not not fancy in that sort of, this is old school way, just in a sort of lazy way. See if you agree....

So for the next post to follow... hopefully tonight... I will include some info about my beef wellington and jambalaya that I just made. Phew. This cooking is hard work.


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