18 June 2007

Conference = Room Service

What happens when you go to a conference with 1000 people you don't know? Order room service!

I went to the US for a legal conference on Thursday of last week until yesterday. It was in Orlando, Florida, and the conference hotel was the World Centre Marriott. The hotel was beautiful. The flight to Orlando was terrible. It was really bumpy and I got a little motion sick, so by the time I was late getting to the conference and stressed out about it, I needed food.

Now one of the things I have mentioned before is that Canada is great and all, and I love it here, but there are no hamburgers like US hamburgers. So with great excitement, I had plans to order a Marriott burger, a favourite from my travelling days. And I ordered some french onion soup because it just sounded good. Excessive, oh yeah. But good.

The french onion soup was really lovely. The soup was really cheesy with the perfect amount of meltiness. The soup wasn't overly salty and the onion was really soft and tasty.

And then the main event. The Marriott burger. It's really good. Really good. The Fries were not so tasty despite their good looks. The Marriott burger comes with cheese, bacon and a whole lotta love. I ordered it room service style, as I wanted to be able to sit on my balcony and look out on the beautiful Florida evening!

Sadly, this picture is all fries. But look at those cute but excessively wasteful little bottles of ketchup, mayo and mustard. And oh yes, there are few things that I love more than crispy fries with mayo and ketchup. So it is sufficient to say that although this is all I ate on Thursday, it was a lot.

I finished the day off by walking around the hotel and going to the opening night reception. There were people EVERYWHERE. It was totally crazy. There was lots of fried food and alcohol, and while I was full of Marriott Burger, it was difficult to not give in. But I resisted.

The view from my hotel room?

Ahhhhh. Peaceful. Actually, on the other side of the building where I stayed, there was a quiet pool by the Spa. And it was by far the best pool. You could take your lunch and sit quietly, going over conference notes and materials, and plan the next day. It was really beautiful, and the water was very warm. (Not that there's time for recreation when you are at a conference!)

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