25 June 2007

Il Fornello.

Not too terribly long ago, G and I had dinner at the Il Fornello in our neighborhood. I have to say, it's not the greatest, really, but when it's on, it's very on.

I ordered the lasagna. It was a huge portion, perfectly cooked with meat and cheese and a little bit of pesto oil on top. It was really good...

The tomato sauce tasted so fresh, and the pesto oil was really nice and it added such a nice touch to everything.

G had a calzone that also had the little bit of pesto/basil oil on top...

The thing about Il Fornello is that it's a nice restaurant, and the fact that it's in our neighborhood makes it an attractive option. BUT, it's always kind of empty and weird, and expensive. But it's a nice place to have dinner and such. Can you tell I have mixed feelings about it?

Our neighborhood has such an odd assortment of restaurants. There is a nicer pasta place a few doors south called Sambuca's, that's really nice but never has any people in it. So if you are in the 'hood, go there.

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