18 June 2007

Day three and room service called my name.

One of the things that I find difficult when I travel is deciding what to eat. The one part of me wants to order pizza and french fries and read magazines and drink coke. The other part of me wants to order the nice things on the menu and give those a try. There was a battle over the pork tenderloin wrapped in apple smoked bacon with garlic mashed potatoes, veg and bread, and.... pizza hut pepperoni lovers pizza. (At least I was stuck in the same food group... pork!)

There's something really decadent about staying in a hotel alone that brings out my inner child (who lives so near the surface, I am convinced I actually have an inner adult). I only remember staying in one hotel as a child, and I think that's only because we have a picture of it. When I was a little bit older, maybe 7th grade, I traveled with a friend and her parents down to Corpus Christie, Texas, and we stayed at hotel's. My only memory of that? I had just had my hair permed when we went, and it was when the Oscars were still on Monday nights. I remember lying in bed falling asleep to the Oscars, and waking up in the morning thinking that my hair had straightened because it didn't "feel" curly when I touched it. Again, not really the hotel memories dreams are made of.

Then there were the traveling moments with my college sweetie. We traveled a fair bit, and always stayed at the Motel 6, because, let's face it, they leave the light on for ya. So it wasn't until I was working and I started traveling that I began to stay in nicer hotels. And even still, we aren't talking super fancy. But, my love affair with hotels has never swayed. (And when you use hotwire.com, you can good rates to great hotels. We got an amazing rate last year for a beautiful $200 a night hotel in Pittsburgh. I think we paid $80!)

So the adult in my won out (and not just because I am on Weight Watchers and the pizza would have pushed me even further over the edge than the Marriott Burger!), but because in the end, it just sounded better.

I ordered the pork, and it was nothing like I expected. The medallions were smokey, as was the bacon, and the sauce was sweet and savory at the same time. The pork was a little dry, but it was actually quite tasty. It also came with a cute little bucket of bread and butter. The greenbeans were divine, but the carrots (which are under the beans) were really not good at all.

The sauce was really rich and deep, with a smokey pork flavour. Bacon really adds so much flavor. When in France last year, you could taste the difference the lardons made in each meal. It just gives meats and sauces a really intense and interesting flavour. It was just great. I highly recommend it if you are staying at the Marriott in Orlando!

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