22 October 2007

Back and a look at day one.

We've made it back from our trip, and gotten through a week of getting back into the swing of things. Vacation was excellent. I have struggled a bit since I returned with trying to decide how to organize the photos for the blog, and have finally come up with the decision to just start at the beginning and move my way through. It's just easier.

Our trip started with a relatively unpleasant flight to London Heathrow. From there, we jumped on the tube and headed to West Ealing station, where we hired a cab and went to our friends house to unload. It was relatively smooth, and I have to say once again that I love the London Underground system. It's clean, it makes sense, it works most of the time. And the seats are positioned in such a way that you can watch people all the time.

We landed at Heathrow at noon, and were at our friends house (who weren't there) by 2pm. We decided not to waste the day and just headed into London. We had to make a pit stop for grub, and decided a local kebab house was the way to go. I can't even begin to remember the name of what I had, but it was meat in a tortilla (tortilla, eh?) and G had an excellent lamb in sauce with salad. And with this meal began the onslaught of chips.

The chips were delish. The kebab roll was strange, but fine.

And here's G's assortment. There were tortillas and chips, and saucey lamb, and that bowl of salady stuff. It was really lovely and saucey. It was definitely the better choice, and that almost never happens (that G makes the better choice). But I am hit and miss with lamb lately, but a plate of chips not only clog the arteries, they also warm the heart. *sigh*

From there we made the pilgrimage that I entered downtown London to make. The trip to Laduree for macaroons. Oh how I love thee. The vanilla macaroons positively feel like a side trip to heaven. So good. So I plumped down my 14pounds and purchased a few.

The store at Harrods is so light and cheerful. Isn't that nice? There's a lovely little cafe that serves tea. But my beautiful macaroons were all this little girl needed.

Wow. Yeah. Wow. Yeah. Oh my word but they are the best little macaroons. So as you can see, since I paid for them, I went the limit and ordered mostly vanilla. Bu I am not without a heart. G ordered pistachio, and a red christmasy tasting something or other, and an orange blossom. Oh how lovely.

But a woman can not live on macaroons alone. Tea was in order. Little did we know that our favorite tea shop at Liberty was no longer the magnificent thing it once was. But we still went to the downstairs tea shop and had some lovely tea and scones.

Aren't the cups great? Can you even see them through the glare off the cup?! And the scones were lovely, served with rose jelly, which I adore.

We were too full to even contemplate a further meal. Yet, we did lots of shopping, I purchased a great bag and a fancy new belt from Next, and the good times just kept on coming. I think that we headed home and absolutely collapsed from exhaustion.

It was a very good day. And our hosts were good friends who are crazily nice to us, and who we love to be around. They really go out of their way to make it nice for us, it's really fantastic. More coming!

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