23 October 2007

The Irish Breakfast.

Part of our car and stay deal in Ireland involved us staying in bed and breakfasts that all served full Irish breakfasts (if you wished, it wasn't forced upon you or anything, but pork in the morning was the course in Ireland). But our first Irish breakfast was purchased, after a quick flight from London to Kerry, and a harrowing drive on the wrong-right side of the road, at a lovely pub in Tralee.

This one had potato, tomato, bacon, sausage, blood sausage, white sausage, mushrooms and one little egg. De-lovely. We got a whack of toast and a huge pot of tea and it sort of calmed my nerves.

The first night, we stayed at a beautiful castle and had a lovely breakfast of porridge and boiled eggs with little soldiers.

Again, lovely. The eggs were cooked perfectly and the porridge was my first taste of porridge (very allergic to oatmeal as a child and haven't really ventured far into it since). Actually, this whole breakfast was G's. I think I had an egg something or other, but who can say. When there's no documentary evidence, and it was three weeks ago, and it was one of many breakfasts...give a girl a break!

One B&B we stayed in (in the town of Doolin, I believe) was quite near the ocean, and offered spectacular views and comforting quiet. The breakfast was the best of the lot, not too greasy, full but not crazy,

The next photo worthy breakfast took place towards the end of the week, when we stayed at St. Jude's B&B in Galway. It's really quite lovely, and we had a lovely room in the back so it was really quiet. Good walking distance to the town, and we had a lovely time all around in Galway.

No Irish breakfast, just lovely poached eggs on toast. Sigh. Hold the pork.

This last breakfast is not an Irish breakfast at all. It was at a most lovely B&B in Cardiff, Wales, where they served a 'traditional' English breakfast, but you could pick all the lovely things that you wanted... And boy did I!.

Alrighty... that's some bacon, some scrambled eggs, some delightful bubble and squeak, some mushrooms and a whack of baked beans. Honestly, it was absolute heaven. I loved every mouthful.

We did eat things that weren't breakfast in nature, and those posts are to follow, but the breakfasts were the one constant (well, other than expensive mediocre pub food). Every b&b was a little different, but they were all really amazing in the sense that they went out of the way to make it nice for us. I would highly recommend it as a nice way to travel. The place near the ocean was honestly like staying at a family members house, as the kids got up to go to school in the morning, the dog Murphy came by to say hello, and the dad worked on the farm during the day. It was really a great way to spend a vacation!


Anonymous said...

Yes, Virginia, there CAN be too much bacon.

Sean McGoldrick said...

I'm a big fan of the Irish breakfast myself, or just 'breakfast' as we call it here! Whenever I have one now I've taken to photographing them and blogging about them as well.

You should check out http://rashersandeggs.com as well. They have a good selection of Irish breakfast reviews there.


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