22 October 2007

A Sunday Roast Lunch.

Day two was late starting, and we made the decision to take our friends out for a lovely lunch, at the place of their choosing. They picked the Chepstow near the Portobello Market, and in a neighborhood near where Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow live. Good stuff. I had my first proper Sunday roast. I have a picture of the Chepstow. But it's on its side. Sorry about that...

But they were waiting for us, with this deluxely cute 'table reserved' sign. We decided to just go nuts and have a good lunch (as it was also breakfast, and likely a large chunk of dinner).

I started with this really amazing broccoli and stilton soup. If you know me, you know that broccoli and I aren't the greatest of friends... but this soup was just amazing.
The butter was out of this world. Butter in Europe is really something different than anything I have ever had in North America. It's rich and has an amazing flavour that really compliments whatever it's served with. The Europeans know how to rock the dairy. That's right. They rock it.

J and G shared an antipasto platter:

(That I can't make go straight. Sorry.) And C had a goat cheese salad...

From there, we went to the roast beef dinner with roast veg and yorkshire pudding. It was proper lunch, and really incredibly nice.

While there was a desire for dessert, we felt it was time to take a trip and suss out the Market.

By the time we reached the market, there was room for dessert. And dessert took the form of CUPCAKES! Who doesn't love cupcakes?! G and I split a strawberry cupcake and a red velvet muffin. Woo hoo!

Looks good!

We rushed home (or back to our friends house) and headed out to Heathrow, then off on the Stanstead Express to Stanstead airport in order to stay at the Stanstead Hilton. We had an early morning flight to Ireland, and decided to try to squeeze in sleep.

We got there, it was late, we were hungry, so off we went to the downstairs bar for a very confusing half an hour trying to figure out where we could sit and what we could or couldn't eat at that late hour. And they had these incredibly cute little pots of condiments. I mean, honestly, how can you not love little bottles of mayo, ketchup and mustard? It makes you not even want to use them, but you just must use them if you are going to get through the weird sandwich I ordered.

Yes, once again, I ordered something that turned out to be totally bizarre. It sounded good. It was a club, with chicken, bacon, tomato, sounds good so far.. but then... just then... they hit you with a dose of hard boiled egg. Slices of hard boiled egg on the top of this weird sandwich. With, and you did guess it you wise readers... CHIPS!

Look for yourself, but be careful, because it's not gonna make you want one, but it's going to make you wonder why there's crazy egg on it.

But the toasty bread was nice, and the chips were good. And the condiments, well, I already wrote how nice they were... but little did I know that this was going to be one of the absolute best meals for awhile, due to the odd food we ate in Ireland.

And for that, I am going to have to figure out how to move forward on those posts.

And not only did we eat, but we also saw stuff too!!! Cows and sheep and donkeys. And every morning we saw a relatively large breakfast.

But it's all good.

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