30 November 2008

Dinner at the Pickle Barrel.

A few weeks ago, G and I were doing some early holiday shopping at one of the big malls. It was a Friday night, I had had a rough day at work, and it just made sense to try and eat something at the mall itself instead of embarking out on the world to find something (though I am sure my urbanspoon iphone app could have helped with that), and I wasn't in the mood for food court. So, we decided to eat at the Pickle Barrel. Now, I think I have probably eaten at a Pickle Barrel before, but who can remember?

This was quite the experience. First, we waited for a considerable amount of time for a table. This almost never happens at the places we eat, not because we are so incredibly famous that we don't wait, but just because we don't tend to go anywhere where there are lines... The menu at the Pickle Barrel is all over the place. I am sure the folks at Restaurant Makeover would have a fit. (Is that show broadcast in the States?)

So, I decided to have the sliders starter with a caesar salad. G had the deli plate. It was really enjoyable!

The salad was tasty...

Really covered in dressing, but tasty.

G's meat plate was insane.

Corned beef, pastrami, and montreal smoked meat all on a plate, with a side plate of bread and pickles, and ANOTHER side plate of fries. GOODNESS.

And then my sliders...

Really tasty. Little meat patties covered with sauteed mushrooms and onions. I added ketchup and mustard and ate my face off!!! Really enjoyable!!!

So yeah, I wouldn't go out of my way to eat at the Pickle Barrel, but when presented with the option, I wouldn't say no!

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