09 November 2008

Raw Food.

A few weeks ago, we went out to dinner with our friends from the UK. They were here visiting family, and we hadn't seen them since our last trip to London, so we decided to all get together.

J suggested that we go to Live Food Bar for dinner. I have never had "raw" food in that sense, and was keen to give it a try. It was a cold night, and when we got to the restaurant, it was pretty packed with health conscience diners. We started at the juice bar in the back while we waited for a table.

The restaurant is quite small, but colourful, and the waitstaff was pleasant, though forgetful. Things we ordered never arrived, and so on.

I had read reviews of the restaurant and read that the thing to order was their lasagna. Feeling armed with this information, I happily ordered an organic Mill Street beer, placed my order, and chatted with our friends.

We ordered some sort of appetizer tray...

First were olives (that had sausage like seasonings), candied pecans, and spicy peanuts. Pretty good.

Then came my lasagna. Well, maybe I should say "lasagna". Or, maybe I should say, bunch of cold raw vegetables with funky almond "cheese".

Okay, I should probably make a disclaimer right now. I really don't like cold food. I don't like salads, I don't relish the idea of cold sandwiches, and I am not a huge fan of even crudite plates with lots of raw veg. I don't know why this is the case, but I know that it has been the case for as long as I can remember. I remember fighting with my brother when we were kids because I would make macaroni and cheese or grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch and make a mess, and he would complain about why couldn't I just eat a pb&j and get on with it!

That being who I am, the cold food restaurant was probably not going to be my finest hour.

And it wasn't.

The flavours were fine. The cheese was weird but interesting. But the total composition was not to my liking.


Now, all this being said, I would most likely go back now. I was looking at the website this morning and they have changed the menu for winter and it sounds quite delicious. I would definitely go back with the menu that is posted. And I am sure the other would have been refreshing on a hot summer day.

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earthmother said...

I think that 'rawsagna' looks gorgeous and I would LOVE to try it. I'm envious that you have a restaurant that serves raw, living food. We have nothing of the sort in CleveLand. :(

Glad to hear you're going to give it another chance. Hope you'll let us know about your next visit.

smithsan said...

There seems to be a major shift in physiology which makes one feel highly energized from raw food. I can only theorize why this occurs. It is quite likely that a large part of cooked food can only go into fat production, because heat and acid alter it making it unmetabolizable in other complex processes. By contrast, raw food should break down into components which can be directly metabolized in a variety of cells.

dynagrrl said...

Earthmother, if I go back I will definitely post about it!

Smithsan, you may be right. Certainly all of the crap that we eat is no good, so a healthy meal does have its place! Thanks for the comment.


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