28 June 2009

Gluten-Free Pizza.

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. I knew I had to give it up, long before I thought about giving up wheat. It as necessary. Pizza really upsets my stomach as a general rule, and seems to have bad effects on G, as well. So we went form having lots of pizza to having no pizza. And it hurt me. Lots.

Giving up wheat made it that much more difficult. One evening while G was at a work function, I ordered a Pizza Nova gluten-free pizza. It was absolutely vile. I just ate the toppings. My fascination was peaked when I found Kinnikinnick frozen pizza bases.

The bases aren't perfect, it's true. They have a sweet aftertaste, BUT, made on the pizza stone in a super hot oven, they have a satisfying crunch, a chewy texture, and topped with an assortment of spinach, mushrooms and caramelized vidalia onions... it was terrific.

We've had these a couple of times. With wonderful Butterball Turkey Pepperoni, roasted red pepper, onion, black olives... so many combinations!

I am trying a new pizza crust this week. When I was visiting family in Oklahoma, I got to try a selection of gluten-free things from the Whole Foods Bakehouse. WOW! The biscuits were out of this world good. I wrote to our Whole Foods in Toronto to ask why they didn't carry the Bakehouse items. The store manager wrote me back and said that it is because of the whole French/English ingredients listing, etc. But then lo and behold, the next time I went in, there were a few Bakehouse items. So I bought some pizza bases, but I haven't tried them yet. I also bought the blueberry muffins. Very very good. I really enjoyed them and so I went and bought a new batch today.

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