23 September 2009

The CNE.

G and I went to the CNE to see Bill Clinton speak. Which was excellent. Loads of fun. Dream come true. Etc. Etc. All good.

So with the Bill Clinton ticket came the opportunity to attend the Canadian National Exhibition. We had such a great time! G. had lots of fun playing a few midway games, looking at the rides, eating the food... and for her, no trip to the CNE is complete without a ....

CANDY APPLE! She bought it from a nice guy by the bridge to Ontario Place. G was quite excited and really enjoyed about half of it. The other half came home for a bit.

Before the candy apple, we had a big dinner... it was one of those blow-out fried food dinners that you know is about to go bad because you've just met with your cardiologist and you are starting on a diet the following Monday... but it was an amazing dinner! Absolutely amazing...

SCHNITZEL! Okay, I don't know why there are so many exclamation points, just deal with it.

The schnitzel had lots of cabbage on it, fried onions and peppers, and these absolutely amazing potato wedges. I enjoyed every single bite of it and although I felt ready to bust when I had finished, I was glad to have had the chance to eaten in the famous "Food Building".

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