23 September 2009


It's really unfortunate that I have failed to post about Utopia before now. It's likely because I haven't eaten there in ages. Their food is good, but it's so unbelievably filling and it tends to be of a particular heaviness that G doesn't love. But me...

I love it!!!

I came home from work just craving a Utopia chicken pesto wrap and fries. So I begged a bit, and G relented. Off to Utopia!!!

Ahhhh.... chicken pesto wrap, fries, cole slaw. The chicken wrap/burrito is totally out of control. It's absolutely crammed full of chicken, cheese, pesto, salsa, delicious amazing goodness. Then it's all wrapped up and grilled until it's absolutely amazingly deliciously lovely and wonderful.

See for yourself...

Oh yeah, and mushrooms and loveliness and just-eat-it-all-now-because-it's-so-damn-good good. And the fries.

Let me tell you about the french fries. In my new diet state (and this sandwich was eaten ages and ages ago -- I am way behind in posting) I have realized that I will only eat stuff that's not the best for me if it's the best of the genre. So, these fries are way up there on the best of the best lists. Really really really really good. Solid on the outside, fluffy on the inside, deliciously seasoned, not breaded, really solid.

The coleslaw. No. It was a sesame coleslaw, and I didn't really care for it. Not so great. But the rest way more than made up for it.

So yeah, Utopia is the way to go if you are looking for not super expensive, but really delicious food, run don't walk to Utopia. (College Street in downtown Toronto.)

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