27 September 2009

Mexican Fajitas...

There is nothing better than Mexican food. I mean, there are things just as good, Indian, Greek, Italian, hamburgers... but nothing, and I mean, absolutely nothing better than Mexican food.

And so, from time to time, we make Mexican food trying to live up to the ideal we have read in places such as Rick Bayless's stuff. So yeah. Fajitas. Not so much authentic, but oh so delicious.

We made a ton of veggies to have with it...

And we ate it all up and laughed with the joy of it all. Really really good.

You may notice that on that taco, here is a little bit of beautiful green tomatillo salsa that Gail made, as well as some of the queso fresco. We bought a big block of the queso fresco at the Mexican foods store in Kensington Market, along with the cheapest but most delicious corn tortillas. They are so lovely and delicious. Yeah for the fajitas.

G is up here at the top of this post with her nicely made fajita... Good times.

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