30 May 2010

Feeding the Soul.

Yesterday, we went to see some friends who just moved into a beautiful country house.  We had tickets to see a play in Stratford, and were excited to head over and see the house, stop in at our favorite Stratford spot, Pazzo, and then see the play.  We struggled with whether it made sense to stay the night with our friends and head out in the morning, or to just drive home.  A number of factors weighed, we determined that we would drive home last night.  Which meant, impromptu breakfast at home before our second softball game of the season!

What to make?  You guessed it, one of my faves... BREAKFAST BURRITOS!

Yum!  I took three eggs and two egg whites, mixed them with some salt and pepper and a splash of water.  Set it aside while I cooked some chopped white onion with a little bit of diced chorizo.  Once the onion and chorizo were toasty and delish, I plopped in the eggs and scrambled the lot.  Divided it between mine and G's plates, with mine on a smallish whole wheat tortilla bought at Kensington Market and topped with a bit of low-fat shredded cheese and ketchup.  Really good!!!  (Oh, the softball game?  Lots of fun!  We lost something like 14-2 BUT I hit the ball and made it on base BOTH TIMES I was up to bat!  That's right!  I'm going to be sporty yet!)

One of our goals for this week is to eat at home more.  When I was in the midst of losing the 30 pounds I have lost, we ate at home most meals.  The last couple of months has seen a bit of an eating out fiesta that must stop.  I am pleased to say that I haven't put any weight back on (good fortune and running, I think), but I don't want to lose sight of all my healthy changes!  So we are using up what we have in the house and eating at home.

First up, must use the slider buns we bought forever ago that have been lounging in the fridge... so sliders it was for dinner!

G made an amazing onion marmalade to have with them.  I cooked the slider patties under the broiler (a bit too long, sadly) and topped them with more shredded low-fat cheddar (shredding really lets you feel like you are getting a ton of cheese for not a ton of WW points), tomato slices and the FANTASMAGORICALLY delicious onion marmalade.  Toasted the buns, had some garlic pickles and baked lays on the side, and woo hoo, a points friendly feel-good dinner that we all could enjoy. 

On the whole, it's been a good weekend!  

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