01 May 2010

A good 'ole Jewish breakfast

Today we went to Caplansky's deli for breakfast. We'd been for lunch with friends a few weeks ago and had some great smoked meat and tongue sandwiches. The breakfasts looked good too, so since we were up and at 'em early today, off we went. J also needed to get her strength up for her 10K tomorrow (so you know, any excuse!)
I had the smoked meat hash. I love corned beef hash and I will say it sure comes in many varieties of not good. This one was great! They use all the leftover bits from making sandwiches and then fry it up with some potato sticks and herbs. Add fried eggs, challah toast and presto. I ate it with some of the delicious brown mustard - one of may varieties of mustard on the table - and it was heavenly.

This pic was taken with my new Sony Ericsson Xperia Android phone, which has an 8MP camera. Not bad for a phone. It's my first personal smartphone and it rocks (a recently acquired BlackBerry is for work and I don't really want to carry work e-mail around with me all the time so bit the bullet and got this groovy tunes phone!)

J. had the fried salami and scrambled egg breakfast. It was also very delicious - with a lot of crispy fries! Definitely will go back again when looking for a particularly hearty breakfast. It's not an every week kind of deal. The heart would not go on, if you know what I'm saying.

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