16 October 2010

Easy Peasy Pudding.

As G has been hellbent on turning our humble home into a Mexican restaurant, I have been relieved of spending too much time in the kitchen lately.  This has worked out well for me, as I was training for the Scotia Half-Marathon and was too tired to do much of anything!  (I did run the half, and I did do well, thank you for asking!!!)

G was travelling for business recently and I was hankering for something sweet and spongy.  I am not a huge sweets eater, but I can be convinced from time to time to partake in cake, so I searched the internet for a little recipe I had seen some time ago for a microwave sponge.  And I found it!

Alex Rushmer, of Masterchef fame, made this delicious Microwave Sponge Cake that I knew was perfect for me!  So, I halved the recipe and made use of what was in the house... that would mean some nasty-ass I Can't Believe It's Not Butter spread that G bought on sale, flour, and some lovely orange marmalade...

So.  I halved the recipe but neglected to half the cooking time.  D'oh!  It was quite overdone, but also quite delicious!  And super easy... 25g flour, 25g butter, 25g sugar, mixed together with half an egg (I used egg beaters) and poofed onto a generous amount of jam, jelly, or in this case marmalade.  Microwave about 2 minutes or so until it's all ready to go.  Flip out onto a plate and enjoy!!!

I really enjoyed it and will make it again soon, I am sure of it.  :)  Alex's blog is great, with lots of neat recipes.  I was surprised that he didn't win Masterchef, but Dhruv was amazing, as well!  I really liked that season of Masterchef!

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