17 October 2010

Toronto Restaurants!

I love Toronto.  It's positively the best city to live in, and it's even better to eat in!

One night, after a particularly harrowing day, french fries were calling my name.  Shwarma was calling G's name.  What's a girl to do?  Shwarma fries!!!!

Crazy.  This is some random shwarma place on Yonge street, and the meat was reallllllly fatty.  I know some people like pork belly and all that kind of fatty meat, but I just don't go for it.  I find the texture of fat to be really off-putting.  So while an interesting idea, better shwarma would've made it.  But fries and hummus... oh yeah baby.

We also had a lovely feast at the Lahore Tikka House.  Now the first time I ate there, I had curry which made me very sick.  But I've been back and fallen in absolute LOVE with their grilled meat platters.

Yep.  It was as good as it looks!  So, on that plate is a MOUNTAIN of rice, cooked perfectly.  Then topped with this marinated beef that absolutely makes me salivate to think about with some chicken tikka.  On top of that, yes, there is grilled onion and peppers and carrots and schtuff.  It's so tasty, and an absolutely GINORMOUS portion.  I can't remember how much it cost, but it's somewhere under $20.  If you've never been to the Lahore Tikka House, you're in for an experience.

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