17 October 2010

More Food From Other Bloggers.

About three years ago, G and I went to Ireland.  I may have mentioned it at the time.

I did poor research on good food in Ireland, and therefore we ended up not having the best meals while there.  Until Galway Bay and this amazing sweet potato and lentil curry with brown rice that totally rocked my clock.  It was like the first good meal I had had in weeks, it seemed, and I absolutely SNARFED it!

I was in heaven.  Shortly after that, I saw this recipe on Smitten Kitchens blog for a very similar dish.  And I was so excited and vowed to make it the very next week!

Fast forward three years and look at our house full to the brim with sweet potatoes, and that vow finally made its way to the dinner table!

It's not pretty.  No it surely isn't.  But it was goooooooood.  It is full of veggie goodness, and with a serving of brown rice was a very fibre rich bowl of yum. The swiss chard was delicious, but I honestly think I could have doubled the amount.  We have an enormous amount leftover, and will likely have leftovers tomorrow and Monday for lunch!  Goooo fibre!

I made a few changes to the recipe, which again, you can find here... mostly just added more curry powder and left out the cilantro because I am not a huge fan (though I think a little bit would have been nice)... and I forgot to add the nuts or chopped scallions, so whoopsie daisy, but yeah, it's a definite keeper.

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