22 February 2011

...and the dream is realized.

One thing that G and I might not say enough is that we have the most rocking families in the entire world.  G's dad surprised us with a gift of a new bbq this past weekend.  Despite being dead tired and completely starved, we new that the moment we got home, that bbq was being assembled and put to use.  Racing to beat the snow was also fun!

Alas, we didn't beat the snow but we did have our dream realized of owning a home with a backyard so we could bbq whenever we wanted.  It seems like a silly thing, maybe, but for us it was a big deal.  And last night, thanks to G's dad and my family's present of a gift card to Home Depot, we made the dream happen...

First... the Q.

G is q'ing it up!!!!
So of course, the first meal on the new q had to be steak.  Simply cooked with all the fixins...

Yum!  That is my half piece of steak (the whole piece wouldn't fit on the very full plate!!!)... baked potato... sauteed spinach...sauteed mushrooms and onions... and peas!  It was without question the most excellent steak I have ever had in my entire life!  We can't wait to cook for all of you!!!

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