23 February 2011

Pimento Cheese Heaven.

Food memories are a weird thing.

My Mom had this postcard when I was kid hanging on her mirror that said, "The things that have lived longest in my memory never really happened."  I always liked the sound of that, but as I get older, I start to see the truism.

This pimento cheese renaissance is just like that.  Other than the stuff you buy in the jar and spread on celery during the holidays, I don't remember ever eating pimento cheese.  But I feel an affinity towards it that makes no sense, and if asked, I'd probably make up some story about eating it since birth or something because I FEEL like that's true even if it's not.  The things that live longest, and all that.

So it was when the new Bon Appetit arrived at my new front door!  The cover recipe drew me in.. "Hands down, the tastiest version we've ever made" -- how can I say no?  We immediately drew up the grocery list and set about figuring out when to make it.

Today was the day (and I still haven't read the magazine, just that recipe!).

The verdict?  Very different from my stand-by but really delicious.  G loved it.  The pimento cheese was really nice and gave it a spicy sweet cheesy loveliness.  I added quite a bit more ancho chile then they called for, and didn't add the extra parm in the cheese sauce AND I had to use jarred roasted red peppers because it's all we could find... but all in all it was pretty delicious.

Hang on, I am going to run the recipe through the WW recipe builder... let's laugh together at the damage of this all cheese meal...

Okay... it seems to be about 13.  Not too bad, but not great, either.  BUT it was delicious and I highly recommend it.  Page 79 of the new issue... Mine was far redder than theirs, but it was really lovely.  Go make it and send me an email and let me know how it goes!

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Anna said...

Looks so delicious. I'll try this


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