21 February 2011

Getting set-up!

Hello friends.  We've been in the new house for two weeks today (!) and are finally getting settled.  The bruises, the soreness, and the allergies from all the dust are finally subsiding and we are getting back into the flow of it.

The first week we were here, we had a major urge to make dinner.  We've had this steady stream of eating out because of all the chaos, and the first meal in the new house was not anything fancy... but it was a big ol' bowl of spag bol.

And there she is.  Our first home cooked meal in our new house, eaten surrounded by boxes on a gentle slope of our 100 year old dining room.  It was excellent and felt good to finally be cooking again, even if it was something really simple.  Of course, one of the first things unpacked were our deluxe Peugeot salt and paper grinders.  A girl has to have priorities.

The plan from here on (and thank you Ontario for the most excellent made up holiday of Family Day for giving us a much needed catch up day) is to get my arse back into running, to start tracking those Weight Watchers points that have been hiding the last few weeks, and to cook at home all week this week.  Plus, watch out for blog posts on our first bbq meal and a new mac-n-cheese!

It's nice to be home.

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