07 March 2011

Clean Eating Once Again!

Phew!  It's been a whirlwind, hasn't it?

In an effort to keep myself on the right track, and to figure out why all of the energy in my body has been completely drained, I have been seeing a naturopath.  She is convinced that I have some food intolerances (and I agree) and she thinks that my whole system is out of balance with too much inflammation (which I also know is true)... but instead of me just knowing it, she's got me on a whole whack of supplements and a "clean" diet to sort myself out.  It's just day two and other than an overwhelming feeling of tiredness and crazy high fibre bloating, it's going okay.

But I did labour a bit with what to make food-wise.  No wheat, no sugar, no dairy, no eggs, no red meat, no pork... ancient grains, brown rice, chicken and turkey, veggies but no corn or mushrooms, no fresh berries, no caffeine... on and on.  I had a moment of thinking I was just going to end up spending this two weeks doing nothing but eating chicken and brown rice, and then I thought, 'isn't one of us supposed to be a foodie here?' and I got off my arse and made some menus.

First up was a delicious turkey meatball with kamut penne.  Sadly, the penne was toooo fibre-y for G's colitis (our two needs with regards to dietary fibre do not meet anywhere near the middle), but otherwise... it was great!

So here I am in the new kitchen getting the fixin's ready.  Turkey, onion, red pepper, spelt breadcrumbs, garlic....

It was pretty easy.  I took two roasted red peppers, onion and garlic and whazzed them up in the little cuisinart.  I mixed that with the turkey, some no salt or sugar added tomato paste, spelt breadcrumbs, and a bunch of chopped parsley.  Oh yeah, and tons of herbs including copious amounts of crushed red pepper!

I baked them in the oven (400 degrees) for about 25 minutes with the last two or three minutes under the broiler...

Ooh arty ball shot.
Once cooked, I mixed them into the marinara sauce (store bought with some sauteed onion and extra spices mixed in)...


And then I served it up with the kamut pasta, sprinkled with parsley, and tried to pretend I didn't miss the cheese...

Now doesn't that look delicious?

It was really very good and hit the pasta spot for me.  Like I said, it was not so excellent for G, but I guess easily digestible is in the eye of the beholder (or the colon, or something).  Anyway, whatever the reason, it made me forget that I was all clean eating.  Instead, I just enjoyed dinner.  And a spoonful of some essential fatty acid liquid and a digestive enzyme.  All in preparation for my Calm Magnesium supplement that I take at night.  With a castor oil pack.  Really?  It's all a bit crazy.

But we'll see.  Day two and I am still super tired with a tinge of a headache.  Maybe day three will be the charm!  :)

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