04 July 2007

Visitors from Afar.

My brother has been visiting, and has now returned to the grand ol' USofA. He's not a huge food adventurer, and as such, there's always an element of stress trying to figure out what to eat. But this visit, whoa ho! My bro was feeling adventuresome. And it was a good thing to see.

First, there was orange marmalade. He went to breakfast and there was no grape jelly. What to do?! He tried the orange marmalade and LOVED it! From there, oh my, on to the pico de gallo. Oh yeah, my brother who hates tomato LOVED it. YUM! From there, brace yourself, LEEK RISOTTO! Oh baby! Pics of this delicious meal prepared by G to follow. It didn't stop there, because the bro ate souvlaki on the Danforth and he loved it!!!

And all in all, it was all good. The great thing about Toronto is that there is every kind of food within a stone's throw, and it was great to see my brother try some different things. Between that and his going to see the Bernini exhibit at the AGO, I think he had a good little vacation in the T-Dot.

(This is all meant with the greatest amount of love and affection for my super cool bro.)

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