03 November 2007

Life keeps going...

I have had every intention of updating this blog... and unfortunately, life has gotten a little out of control. Our older cat, Sasha, has been incredibly sick, and the vet has discovered what appears to be a tumor in her stomach and smething that may be the same in her lung. She's not eating or drinking, but we decided to give her a chance at home, on medicine to shrink the tumor with the hopes that she will start eating and stop throwing up. The doctor says that while she likely has cancer, she's not dying from that, it's from not eating. It's really difficult. There have been many tears, as it looked like on Thursday that we were going to have to have her put to sleep. But she did well over night and the vet on duty said she'd give her the chance to respond and start eating...We're only on day two of her being home, so we are giving it a few days before we make the hard decision, but she's had a tiny bit of food and water today, and only a little vomiting, so if anyone has any ideas, email me or leave a comment.

But because of how sick Sasha is, and how crazy work has been, it's been really difficult to have any time to do anything, let alone update my blog. And, on top of it all, my Mom has been visiting from the States, and what a bad week for her to be here. I am sure she is ready to go home tomorrow since we've made numerous trips to the vet, cried buckets, and tried to sort out what is the most humane and loving thing to do. But it's been great having her here!!!

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simply samadhi said...

Hi dynagrrl,

Wondering how Sasha is. I wish I had suggestions. My kitties eat raw food, which is composed of raw meat, vegies, berries, bee pollen, nutritional yeast and this might be a rich source of nutrients for her while she is trying to heal. Sending healing energy to Sasha!


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