26 November 2007

Ascot and other sundry items.

First, let me say a thank you for those who left comments and sent me emails about Sasha's passing. It was a very difficult time, and led to my having a massive two week flu... call the wambulance.

Today I am feeling much much better. Two weeks of going to work and coming home and going to bed at 8pm had to pass at some point, so tonight's the night (whoa oh). I still have some vacation photos to get through, so let's start with our very proper trip to Ascot.

Prior to our leaving for our trip, G and I decided that we wanted to think of something unusual to get for our friends as a thank you. Often, we take them out to dinner, or something along those lines. But this year, we just wanted to show them our appreciation on a grander scale. (They are such generous folks when we stay with them, we wanted to be able to return the kindness somehow!)

G has always talked about wanting to go the races in England, and it just so happened that on our final weekend, Ascot was having racing. Ascot is located near Windsor Castle, about 1.5 hours away from our friends house. All in all, pretty close. G spoke with our friends, suggested a day at the races, and they were quite keen.

We began looking at the different price plans and what not, and stumbled across the "Premiere Ticket" which essentially meant you dressed up and stayed away from the riff-raff. (Ha ha) We quickly booked those tickets, and I began dreaming of having high tea at the races with the Queen. It just so happened that it was not Royal Ascot, and the Queen was not in attendance, but we shouldered on, planning our day.

Once the day arrived, we all dressed up, and headed out to the races. Our Premiere tickets got us a nice little stretch of yard to sit in and watch the races. I even made a bet!

Oh yes, I am chuffed!

So after some betting and hanging about we made our way up for high tea. And it was lovely!!!

We walked into the restaurant, G and I, our friends (J and C) and their beautiful baby. I walked into one of the restaurants and asked if they had room, as it looked quite full. The man said that they did, and they promptly seated us. Let the tea begin!

As you can see, we were given finger sandwiches (a set each), lovely little carrot cakes and chocolate brownie things, and scones pre-spread with jam and cream. And tea. Delivered in a beautiful leisurely way, just inviting you to go make a bet, watch a race, come back and drink some tea and eat some more.

It was very proper, and extremely filling! The sandwiches were egg, roast beef, cucumber and cress, and a tuna (I think). They were nice, savory and hitting all the high notes. But the carrot cakes were crying out to me, and I had to partake. Due to a counting error by the kitchen, we ultimately ended up with 7 little carrot cakes, and not wanting to let them go to waste, I ate my fill. I didn't try the chocolate brownie things, but I am sure they were good, as well!

Then came the scones. The scones. Oh scones. Oh beautiful British scones. They were crumbly, light, sweet and savory all at the same time, and smothered in jam and cream. And over far far too soon.

And yes... there were horses.

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