26 November 2007

A Morning at the Borough Market

The bunnies were dead at the market.

It's certainly a bit shocking to turn a corner run eye to eye with a bunch of doomed bunnies. But G, showing far more fortitude than little ol' me whipped out the camera and started asking those bunnies to show their good sides!

The Borough Market, in jolly London, is a foodie paradise, though honestly, a little bit overwhelming. There are lots of booths and different types of foods, and it's great to try them all. We got there with belly's rumbling, so it was a lovely venison hamburger freshly made that first caught my eye!

It was lovely. Very rich, with a really nice housemade sauce of something or other that I totally don't remember a month later. Nice one, dynagrrl, nice one.

The immediate threat of hunger satisfied, we began the slow walk through all the stalls to sample and enjoy all that was on offer. The next scream of joy came from the tart booth...

I had the roast cherry tomato, pesto and mascarpone tart. No, wait. I INHALED that tart. They heated it on a panini press, so it was toasty on the bottom, and melty in the center. I really enjoyed this tart.

From there, we walked towards the spelt booth. Ah, spelt.

While on vacation, I read a great number of food magazines, and had read about the Organic Pearled Spelt. I was very keen to try it, and so I bought a bag. I will now likely never eat it, but that's another post for another day. (Gotta keep you coming back somehow!)

We tried some Spelt Flour pie and bread and they were amazing. As the sign says, spelt is reported to help people who suffer from IBS, so I imagine it is really becoming popular. I know several places around where I live that now serve spelt pizza crust.

Then we decided to have some sugar. From Burnt Sugar.

They had the most amazing Chili Chocolate Fudge. It really had that last kick of heat on the final note as you swallowed it. And the best thing was, you could buy just a couple of pieces!!! We bought two and ate them slowly as we moved on to the best part....

THE CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No trip to the Borough Market is complete without a trip to Neal's Yard Dairy. And look at these beautiful cheeses! I find the market very intimidating in that stupid way that I do, so I was too shy to ask about the cheeses, but fortunately, the counter guy gave us some cheese anyway. Beautiful. And next time, I won't be shy. I promise


Anonymous said...

OMG! Dead bunnies..........thanks!

s.j.simon said...

lol. did you know that chocolate was banned in switzerland for many years. read this


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