04 May 2008

Delicious Homemade Italian Food.

Discovering a new restaurant in your own (expanded) neighborhood is a wonderful thing. Discovering that it has wonderful handmade Italian food while your in the midst of a gluten-free trial? Murder. But exceptions are made for everything, so we invited G's parents there for a pre-Passover dinner. Where's there? Ohhhhh... it's here. It's called Romagna Mia, and it's near Jarvis and Front. The menu is amazing, the pastas are home-made, and the servers are good fun. But the food... oh! The food! Our main courses were fantastic... G ordered the risotto in pheasant broth.
It was so rich, and creamy. The parsley/tomato is resting on a parmesan crisp bowl. To be honest, and I know this is a bit sacrilege coming from me, but it was almost too rich. But really really nice.

G's mom ordered a very nice lamb chops with mashed potato. It seemed an odd choice, really, but the stomach wants what it wants, eh?

The sauce it was in was really lovely, deep and lamb-y. The meat was slightly underdone for my taste, but the mash was super creamy and lovely. It's hard to go wrong with well seasoned grilled meat and creamy mashed potato.

Now I know what you are thinking, I raved about the pasta and no one's ordered the pasta... well no worries. I ordered pasta. And G's Dad ordered pasta. See?

This pasta is called strozapretti, or Strangle the Priest, and is a fresh made pasta with sausage ragu, swiss chard and parmesan. G had raved about this from her lunch there a few days ago, and she was not exaggerating. The pasta was amazing. The greens just add a little bit of peppery flavour, and they weren't overpowering at all. Lovely.

G's dad ordered the lasagna...we are always a little anxious when we go out for dinner with G's dad. He's very picky, but he seemed to really enjoy dinner.

Look at that good looking lasagna! The waiter said that it's one of their most popular dishes. It has a rich bechamel, and the meat was really soft and delicious. G's dad said it needed more cheese, was given a whack of parmesan, and was a happy man.

Which made for a happy table of diners.

I highly recommend Romagna Mia. Go there, but on Friday nights, make a reservation!!!


Niall said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi..thanks for the great review! I walk by that restaurant all the time and I have wondered how it was. I'm definitely going to check it out! Kim :)

Anonymous said...

uh....didn't you say you had celiac? pasta?

dynagrrl said...

Ahhhh, the celiac. Yes, I am still being tested for celiac, but have been told that pending my colonoscopy and GI Scope, I am to be eating gluten in moderation as it must be in my system for the biopsy. As that's a few weeks away, I am on light gluten until then, and then who knows. Thanks for asking!


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