10 May 2008

Italian Gluten-Free Pasta.

We went to the Grande Cheese Factory and had a quick whirl through the pasta section.

They had some Italian brands of gluten-free pasta, so we picked up a bag of Farabella Sapori Della Majella Pasta. It's corn and rice based, and really had a different nature from the regular rice pasta that we can buy at the grocery store. The pasta cooked up very nicely, really tender, really delicious. Even G liked it, so good times on that front.

We cooked the pasta, stirred in a little vodka sauce, grilled chicken breast, freshly grated parmesan...

I highly recommend it. It's definitely more expensive than the stuff at the store, it cost $4.50 or something, but it didn't give me heartburn, which most rice pastas seem to. It's a keeper save for one strange thing...

It made a ton, and it's very filling, so we had leftovers for lunch. Always good because it's so hard to eat non-gluten things when I am at work... Anyway, I heated up the leftovers and sat down to eat. It has a very familiar taste... corn tortillas! The flavour was very similar to the corn tortillas taste in enchiladas. It wasn't unpleasant, it just really would have benefited from more sauce in the leftovers.

All in all though, really good. We bought a few different sorts of gluten-free pasta and will be trying them out over the next couple of weeks... lots to report as each item is tried and tested. I'll keep you posted!!!

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the comments about Farabella, but where did you buy it? I can't get it here in the states!


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