10 May 2008

Stomach -- How's Yours?

I have received a few comments asking about my stomach... well... we're in a holding pattern. The doctor said the blood-work was inconclusive and we needed to move forward with the GI Scope and colonoscopy. Blech. I don't want to and haven't quite decided if I am going to. In order to do these tests, I have to be eating gluten, so I am eating it here and there. I want the tests to be accurate. Blech. Did I already say that?

I am really not sure what to do. The doctor says we need to go through all the channels and rule everything serious out, but since I have had these problems since I was a kid, I would think that I would be dead if it was something serious.

But whatever. The tests are the first of June, if I do them, and until then, it's a mix of gluten-free and gluten-heavy, and we'll just sort it out at that point. Blech. Did I mention that?

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